Tuscany Manor Massage Selections Relax, Restore, Enhance Your Stay

Choose any style of therapeutic massage for one price.

60 min $100 | 90 min $150 | 120 min $200

Book when making your reservation or contact the front desk during your stay (760) 656-7283

Signature Massage A holistic combo of techniques based on your preferences.
Deep Tissue Strong pressure is applied to break up adhesion and relax muscle spasms.
Sports Uses deep techniques and stretching for weekend warriors or athletes
Esalen style Made famous at northern California’s clothing optional Esalen Institute – a 90-minute session utilizing long, full-body strokes, rocking and passive movement of the joints to to create physical and mental healing.

Many more types of massages offered. Visit our massage page for more information.

*Aromatherapy essential oils are complimentary with every massage if desired.
*Enhance any treatment with Cannabis RSO for only $20.00

Note – please advise your therapist if you have any allergies, injuries, neck or back problems, or surgeries prior to start of your session