Relax and Rejuvenate with Massage in Palm Springs

Relax and Rejuvenate with Massage in Palm Springs

Massage Tuscany Manor

You are here to relax and rejuvenate – and we are here for you.  Indulge in a massage without being covered in sheets (unless you want to be!)

Here at Tuscany Manor, you choose the style of massage that you need, and only pay one price whether you choose deep tissue, relaxing Swedish or a combination of techniques. Please refer to the menu of services on this website or at the office and in-rooms.

An hour is great, or choose a 90 min or a double session (2 hours)
Try our Esalen-style massage which is 90 minutes of European Swedish style, guaranteed to relax even the most tense Guests.

Many of you know Ellen and Gina from the other resorts, and we are fortunate to have both of them here at Tuscany Manor.  If your vacation time is limited, please make your reservation in advance to ensure you can fit a massage into your schedule.  

They are on call daily and sometimes available in the evenings. Appointments are always subject to availability.
You can choose to enjoy your massage outdoors, poolside or in your room.

If you have a health issue such as arthritis, diabetes or anything we need to know about, please let us know so we can approach your session to be as beneficial as possible.

Welcome to Massage Land at Tuscany Manor Resort!