Tuscany Manor Massage Selections
Relax, Restore, Enhance Your Stay

Choose any style of therapeutic massage for one price

  • Signature Massage
    A holistic combo of techniques based on your preferences.
  • Swedish
    Traditional ‘resort-style’ incorporates light to medium pressure to relax the body and increase circulation
  • Deep Tissue
    Strong pressure is applied to break up adhesion and relax muscle spasms.
  • Reflexology
    Enjoy head, hands and/or feet techniques on the ‘reflex’ areas
  • Sports
    Uses deep techniques and stretching for weekend warriors or athletes
  • Shiatsu/Acupressure
    Helps to restore energy by stimulating pressure points on entire body
  • Esalen style
    Made famous at northern California’s clothing optional Esalen Institute – a 90-minute session utilizing long, full-body strokes, rocking and passive movement of the joints to to create physical and mental healing.
  • Trigger Point
    Treats painful areas of muscles that contain trigger points (knots of muscles)
  • Cranial, neck and shoulder
    Focus only on those areas for relief of headaches and stress

Massage needs to be scheduled in advance.

Note – please advise your therapist if you have any allergies, injuries, neck or back problems, or surgeries prior to start of your session